How You Can Care For Your Silk Scarf

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You should know how to properly take care of your favourite clothes or accessories if you want to have them for a longer period of time. Perhaps you have at least one silk scarf in your closet and you are in doubt how to look out for it. Here are some tips to help you out.

Scarves are one of the most helpful and beautiful accessories a person can have. It can freshen up an outfit or just make few blouses or shirts look brand new and exciting every time you match it with them. At times, a scarf is all you need to make your clothes look new. So, it is very important to know how to store and clean it so they last for a long time.

Every time you decide to put your scarf on and you want your silk scarf to look good you have to store it properly. Do not leave it wrinkled somewhere in a place or in the pocket of your coat. This will destroy the stuff and you will have to iron it every time. Accumulate yourself some time and prevent that from happening. First of all fit a few wide hooks in the closet or just hang the scarves on a normal hanger, leaving the fabric to freely hang down, so the line of the fabric stays in one piece.

Washing the scarf is the next thing never ever leaves it in the washer or the drier as it will break the fabric, the colour will run and at the end you’ll ruin it. You can bring the scarf to the dry cleaners, but keep in mind that most of the dry cleaners not knows how to properly clean it and may damage it. So it is better if you wash it yourself by hand. First of all try a little corner to see if the colours will run if the colour runs put a few drops of baby shampoo or Woolite in warm water and soak the scarf for a few minutes. After you have soaked the scarf, put it under running cold water to eliminate the soap residue. After that put the wet scarf on a dry towel and put another dry one on top. Try to rub it gently so you get the excess water out. Then leave the scarf lying flat so it dries off completely. If you only have a little spot to clean, just damp a cloth and try to wash the spot only.  Iron your scarf when it is slightly damp if you want to iron it, do not wait until it completely dry  it is easier to get the crinkles off without hurting the material.

Learn how to take care of your silk scarf and it will please you for a long time.

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How You Can Care For Your Silk Scarf

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This article was published on 2011/03/28